Blessed Altar Zine

"I have/must to look for more bands in this style. Good surprise for me and if someone asks me for a band in this style, I will advise Empire of the Scourged"

"De verschillende invloeden, lagen en structuren worden tot een krachtig geheel samengesmolten waardoor een afwisselend geheel ontstaat dat mij wel bevalt. Verder is de productie van een uitstekende kwaliteit en fans van extremer death metal moeten deze release zeker eens een kans geven. "

Teeth of the Divine

"Like a robot gone haywire or faulty wiring leading to a cacophony of off key beeps and hums, the songs are far more chaotic then most of there brethren, but it works."

Contaminated Tones

"Opening track, "Der Wanderer Uber Dem Nebelsee," the only Dutch titled track on this EP, sets off the listen rather adequately."

Good Music Promotions

"A cd where I had no expectations of. The genre said Avant-Garde Death Metal and I thought why not give it a shot. I am glad that I did and this album deserves a 8.5 out of 10. It may confuse some metalheads and most of them give up after the first listen to it. An amazing special album by Empire Of The Scourged."

Metal Inside

"Tatsächlich findet man nach einigen Durchläufen immer mehr Passagen, die wirklich zu gefallen wissen."

Metal Glory

"Obskure Klangflächen laufen parallel zum Death Metal Geballer und sorgen für eine wirklich seltsame Atmosphäre. Von meiner Seite aus wäre es schon interessant zu hören, wie weit Empire of the Scourged sich außerhalb der Genregrenzen bewegen würden."

X Reviews

"Brutality, atmosphere and darkness in a Death Metal Industrial new generation , a disc illuminated by an interesting combination of electric and bizarre elements , not suitable for conservative rather intended for those looking to experience new ways of doing Metal ... 8.2/10"

Burning Black Zine

"This debutant quintet delivers at this first official release a bizarre and experimental form of Death Metal, where the traditional savagery of this style is oddly blended with Industrial, Techno and some slight Black Metal elements as well. I recommend you to get this release; I think this work will not let anyone indifferent…"

Voices from the Darkside

"Schizophrenic chaotic noise of death, merged with powerful chords of Death Metal drenched in an eerie obscure and darker than the night atmosphere of evil"

Pest Webzine

"I'm sure many listeners will enjoy this sound because afterall Empire Of The Scourged are one of the sickest bands coming out of Europe these days."

Metal from NL

"Empire of The Scourged bring a very original sound to the 5 songs that are displayed on the ep they can play some of the most brutal sounding death metal while also having melody, black metal influences which they also mix with avant garde and industrial to create a sound only they can call their own."

Panzerfaust ZIne

"I’ve listened to this EP with great interest and actually found it very enjoyable. You know, Empire of the Scourged tries to come up with something different and original and that’s good. I like that diversity in this music and how they blend these so different styles. Interestingly I can spot that Empire of the Scourged has also some black metal influences here and there, like for example when they blend growling with harsh, more black metal kind of screaming… But generally this is just great, extreme music. And as such I can recommend you checking out this band, if you’re more open minded kind of maniac."

Infernal Masquerade

“Transcend into Oblivion” showcases the band’s creative strengths and promise, something that hundreds of other bands are completely lacking. If you are looking for something powerful, weird, and unique, look no further and pick up a copy of this release.


"This album seemed like a big experiment, and there is nothing wrong with that.  After all, experimenting with different sounds has led to some of the best albums ever produced. "


"De composities blijken bij meerdere luisterbeurten (die je écht nodig hebt) prima in elkaar te zitten, we zijn dus best te spreken over dit debuut!"


"Possibly one of the most vicious and uncompromising death metal releases this year and definitely one of the most exploratory in imagination and intrusiveness, Transcend Into Oblivion from Dutch band Empire Of The Scourged abuses and captivates from its first sonic pestilence posing as a note to the final bestial breath cast over the ears"

Daemonium webzine

"Recomiendo que les den una escuchada si les gusta el metal experimental, pero advertidos están, al final si no quedan algo aturdidos es porque no lo escucharon con atención y a buen volumen. Amantes de los raves, ya tienen algo más para agregar a su playlist cualquier noche."

Metal Bite

"Empire of the Scourged succeed at creating something unique and interesting. The worst part of Transcend Into Oblivion is that it's too short. Clocking in at just above twenty-six minutes it leaves me wanting more. I can only hope there is as much energy and originality when they decide to record a full length."

Aristocrazia Webzine

"E nonostante vi siano naturalmente attimi di calo (e vorrei anche vedere), il quintetto ne azzecca altri di totale violenza sonora, in cui la percezione di trovarsi di fronte a una band dalle grandissime potenzialità si fa più forte. Un brano su tutti: "Trapped In This Massive Process", in cui, dopo aver pestato con decisione per tre quarti di canzone gli olandesi interpongono qualche secondo più tranquillo prima di sparare un finale al fulmicotone, trenta secondi debordanti in cui ogni dubbio viene raso al suolo."

Rock Tribune

"Een meer dan aardig visitekaartje, want het ding behoort tot de beste eigenbeheerreleases die we de laatste tijd hoorden!"


"Some parts of this I liked and other I hated. I liked some of the music as it was a mix of death metal with bits of industrial to it and it just had a neat sound to it and sounded fresh and not like a million other bands."

Wings of Death

"Alles op een bedje van geprogrammeerde drums en synthesizergeluiden. Die elementen geven Empire Of The Scourged z'n eigen gezicht. De zwaar vervormde, rauwe, gruntende vocalen passen hier goed bij."


"Being that there’s a small sample size of like-minded outfits, the band’s use of programming (read: drum machines), dominant synths, and cyborg vocals recall on some level, the more brazen works of Samael, Tidfall, and the like. However, the steely and futuristic “Hollow Machinations of the Foul-Spirited” and “Trapped in this Massive Process” did their job in creating a dystopian vibe."

Variety Of Death Zine

"Empire of The Scourged bring a very original sound to the 5 songs that are displayed on the ep they can play some of the most brutal sounding death metal while also having melody, black metal influences which they also mix with avant garde and industrial to create a sound only they can call their own."


"All tracks are fine pieces of the worst nightmare in form of music that you can think, but it’s not a bad reference in their case. It’s a good one, and hearing all songs you’ll have the idea that these guys are trying to bring some fresh air into the style"

"Obwohl die Strukturen komplex sind ist das Minialbum nicht anstrengend oder kompliziert, dafür sorgen die vielen geradlinigen Passagen und atmosphärischen Arrangements."

"Auch nach mehreren Durchläufen bleibt völlig unklar, was die Künstler uns damit sagen wollen."

Metal Zone

Blastbeats, κτηνώδη φωνητικά, σαλεμένοι ηλεκτρονικοί ήχοι δημιουργούν έναν απόκοσμο αλλά ταυτόχρονα γοητευτικό ήχο.


"Het lijkt op het eerste gezicht erg rommelig, maar als je de plaat vaker luistert, blijkt meer en meer hoe goed het in elkaar steekt."

Transcend into Oblivion

5 tracks / 25 minutes

Avantgarde Industrial Death-Metal

Available from the first of December
as Jewel case, Digipack
and Audio Cassette

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