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To be honest, by the looks of it I was expecting this EP to sound more professional. I understand these guys'aim was to create an apocalyptic sound, but I'd say that doesn't imply a chaotic sound, you can get a glimpse of the apocalypse with "clean" sound, too. I'm sure many listeners will enjoy this sound because afterall Empire Of The Scourged are one of the sickest bands coming out of Europe these days, but the biggest contribution for this "label" would be the crazy fast rhythms, the insane drum-programming and above all the great synths work creating a unique claustrophobic and schizophrenic atmosphere impossible to leave you numb. EOTS is a sick and twisted combination of traditional Death Metal with Industrial Metal, although everything seems to be out of place here, you'll eventually discover their world and that every element has its role. From the potential point of view Empire Of The Scourged are definitely a band to keep an eye on. This debut EP impressed me as much as The Berzerkers' debut album impressed me back in 2000. I'm curious of these guys' future.

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Transcend into Oblivion

5 tracks / 25 minutes

Avantgarde Industrial Death-Metal

Available from the first of December
as Jewel case, Digipack
and Audio Cassette

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