In the end of 80’s, the Industrial music and Metal brood a new style of Metal, the Industrial Metal, having good and great names like MINISTRY and a lot of others, and on Death Metal, bands like GODFLESH, SCORN and another nightmare-made-music makers, extinguishing boundaries and starting new musical approaches. And one of the heavily influenced bands is the Dutch EMPIRE OF THE SCOURGED, coming with their debut, the EP “Transcend into Oblivion”.

Their music is very aggressive, intense and massive, and be sure it can disturbed the peace in all places this EP is played, with low grunt voices, extreme guitar riffs (it has some good melodies appearing here and there), bass and drums strong and heavy, and synthesizers and programming shaping this brutal and frightening nightmare. Be sure to have your heads attached to your necks!
The sound production is a little dirty, the way the band needs to sound more aggressive and harsh. It could be better, it’s obvious for us all, a bit cleaner, but it’s not bad as you can thing. The cover is good; giving an idea of what awaits us all.
All tracks are fine pieces of the worst nightmare in form of music that you can think, but it’s not a bad reference in their case. It’s a good one, and hearing all songs you’ll have the idea that these guys are trying to bring some fresh air into the style, as we can hear in “Der Wanderer über dem Nebelsee” (it’s massacre of pure and aggressive music, with some astonish arrangements, especially from the drums and guitars) and “Trapped in This Massive Process” (hear the Synths and vocals and become addicted).
Of course the band has more to offer to us all than we can hear in these five tracks, so let’s hope that a album is coming. And maybe they’ll sink The Netherlands into the sea next time.

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Transcend into Oblivion

5 tracks / 25 minutes

Avantgarde Industrial Death-Metal

Available from the first of December
as Jewel case, Digipack
and Audio Cassette

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