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Empire Of The Scourged was formed in 2008, but wasn’t until 2013 they released their first demo and this first MCD entitled “Transcend Into Oblivion”, this debutant quintet delivers at this first official release a bizarre and experimental form of Death Metal, where the traditional savagery of this style is oddly blended with Industrial, Techno and some slight Black Metal elements as well. The music here is mainly based in brutal mechanized riff combined with a vicious vocal work that features blackish screams and ultra-guttural low grunts, the percussion here is basically synthetic and schizophrenic, mixing traditional Death Metal drumming with demented Industrial blast and insane electronic beats, creating a really bizarre aura of post-apocalyptic obscurity. All these elements are complemented by some “cosmic” keyboard atmospheres, in the finest tradition of bands such Emperor, Odium, Limbonic Art and the likes, increasing even more the extremely bizarre aura of this record. The Black Metal reminiscences does not end here, there seems to be some interesting influences of bands such Mysticum, Thorns and even Dodheimsgard on this record… The structures here are definitely eclectic and chaotic; the composition seems to be more focused in the sonic experimentation than in music itself, achieving some remarkably complex results… “Transcend Into Oblivion” is a bizarre and powerful work, that even when seems to fall into a formless experimentation at some passages, still shows a very interesting and definitely original proposal worthy of attention… By the way you can get this MCD at the band’s homepage http://empireofthescourged.com/order for just €6 (Digipack), €5 (Jewelcase), €5 (MC), all these are postpaid worldwide, I recommend you to get this release; I think this work will not let anyone indifferent…


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Transcend into Oblivion

5 tracks / 25 minutes

Avantgarde Industrial Death-Metal

Available from the first of December
as Jewel case, Digipack
and Audio Cassette

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