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Empire Of The Scourged - "Transcend Into Oblivion" CD
2013 - Self-released
First of all thanks to AW (Drums) for the promo. Now the review. The band is the Industrial Death Metal and I admit that the mention style I only know very little. Really, i do not know many bands playing this style but if all bands are like Empire Of The Scourged so they are all good. The end, the review is done. Ah Ah Ah Ah. The only bands that I'm reminding right know that I had knowledge till today is Misery Loves Co. or Optimum Wound Profile, Godflesh or Ministry but they are very different of Empire of the Scourged. To describe better this MCD the band does Industrial Death Metal or Death Industrial Metal, I do not know the correct term to describe them and in this case it have both styles +/- 50/50 throughout the album. Some songs are more Death Metal with industrial parts and in others is more present the Industrial sound. The mix is well done and very balanced so no against points for that, the tone of the vocals, the heavy distortion with some bass on the guitars, the drums well achieved, the bass, I could not hear many times, and the industrial stuff make this release a good one. I have/must to look for more bands in this style. Good surprise for me and if someone asks me for a band in this style, I will advise Empire of the Scourged. Just to end the review, this release has 3 versions, Digipack limited to 200 copies, the jewel case version (the one that I have in my hands) and in tape format and I hope the album will be out as soon as possible. 


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Transcend into Oblivion

5 tracks / 25 minutes

Avantgarde Industrial Death-Metal

Available from the first of December
as Jewel case, Digipack
and Audio Cassette

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